Our Approach

We understand curating outward facing video content can be a lengthy, intrusive & often costly process. That’s why our approach focuses on a ‘one and done’ solution, capturing as much content as possible within a small time frame (typically 1-2 days) and with a small crew. We can tailor to the business’ needs, focusing more on bitesize social content, or scale to longer form videos to tell the brand’s story.

Agile Production

A smaller crew without cumbersome equipment allows us to work swiftly, capturing all planned content with minimal interruption to the business' operations, as well as allowing us to capture anything 'spur of the moment' without setup time.

Adaptable Content

Our workflows allow all content delivered to be in a variety of aspect ratios, making each video capable of being deployed across all web & social media platforms.

Long Form

Corporate Storytelling

Long form storytelling typically clocks in at 2-3 minutes, enough time to get to the heart of your business. This focuses on delivering your company ethos, values and story in one package.


Business Value Proposition Stings

Typically 30-60 seconds in length, stings allow us to create a wealth of content which can cover a variety of areas. Stings are often used to display and isolate key products or services of the business, or specific company values or achievements such as industry awards or a commitment to sustainability.

Short Form

Social Media Snippets and Reels

At 10-30 seconds in length, social snippets are typically isolated cuts taken from the longer form content, condensing the video's message down into videos tailored for social media users on all popular platforms.

Something Pointing Them to the Vimeo showcase below: